Updated 1/26/2015

Sportsmen Against Hunger

It is becoming more apparent that SCIF Sportsmen Against Hunger program is an effective tool in aiding the needy as well as promoting the positive aspects of hunters and hunting in our local and national communities. However, chronic underreporting of donated game has seriously hindered the public relations impact of this program in the international community.

Think about it. How many of us brought home the meat of our harvest from Africa, Asia, New Zealand, Alaska, Canada or even another state? My guess is less than 1%. Considering the hundreds of thousands of pounds of game harvested by our membership that was given to the local people that was never considered a donationĚ as such, it is obvious that our benefit to people reaches far beyond what was reported.

Whether reported or not, many people benefit from our efforts, so what is the big deal? Feeding people is only part of the benefit of Sportsmen Against Hunger. The other benefit is the positive public perception that this program generates. Unfortunately, we live in a society where you must make a lot of noise to be heard, and feeding people in obscurity will do little to promote our message. We must pool our cumulative works for the world to see the efficacy of SCI and our SCIF programs.

The Remote Donation Form is to be used to record your donations of game meat wherever they may be. There is nothing sacred about the form. It simply provides a record of your harvest so we can make an accurate accounting for our program. Complete it after your hunt and mail or fax it in.

Active SCI members are the leaders in the fight to save our outdoor heritage. By publicizing our efforts as Sportsmen Against Hunger and we will continue to show the world that hunting is a noble and just activity, worthy of a place in our evolved society.

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