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Updated 1/11/2017

NW Chapter Officers and members of the Board of Directors. Officers are appointed for one year terms serving from June 30 to June 30 The current list of Officers terms started 7/1/16
JoDean Peters  President - JoDean Peters
Tricia Singer  First Vice President - Tricia Singer
Secretary - Cody Scriver
David Irons  Treasurer - David Irons
Mike Rex  Past President -  Mike Rex
Directors Expiring June 30, 2017
Del Berg  Del Berg
  Raleigh Evans
  JoDean Peters
  Brett Singer
Directors Expiring June 30, 2018
  John Lazzar
  Tricia Singer
David Irons
Steven Ford
Directors Expiring June 30, 2019
  Jim Chaffee
  John H Lecky, M.D.
  Dave Randall
  Cody Scriver
Special Directors
Mike Skinner Mike Skinner - Webmaster
Max Muller
Brian Wissner
Past President's Council
Mark Dinwiddie Mark Dinwiddie
Chip Emmons Harris "Chip" Emmons III  
Chris Klineburger Chris Klineburger
Pete Papac
Mike Price  Mike Price
Gary Tennison
Alain Smith
Bob Stallman Bob Stallman
Mike Rex
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