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Hunters Heritage Council

By Gary Tennison

     Washingtonians for Wildlife Conservation (WWC) is a coalition of individuals and over 40 sports groups. It serves as the focal point of public involvement, grassroots activism and fundraising to the benefit of all Washington State conservationists, sportsmen and sportswomen.  The WWC is a place for every group and individual in the state to rally in support and in the defense of our outdoor future! WWC is the umbrella organization for the hunting, fishing and trapping clubs in the state of Washington. WWC was formed in 1995 to fight I-655 the bear baiting and trapping initiative. Its focus is on defense against anti-hunting extremists. WWC has 15 dues paying voting member groups. Each group has one voting representative.

            The Hunters Heritage Council (HHC) is the Political Action Committee (PAC) that was formed to address the political concerns in Washington State. The Council was formed in November 1998 to defend the culture of hunting in the Legislature, to secure budget dollars for hunting programs, to support and elect politicians that support hunting, and to build a political structure to defend and promote the hunting culture in the public arena other than the legislature. The council represents nearly 50,000 sportsmen. There are currently 10 dues paying member groups on the council, each has one voting director.

            The following clubs and organizations are members of HHC. The funds they raise from various events and the annual HH shoot and auction in Yakima fuel your political voice in the State of Washington.

  *Voting Members

*SCI Inland Empire
*SCI Central Washington
*SCI Columbia Basin
*SCI Northwest
*SCI Puget Sound
*Citizens for Washington Wildlife
Grays Harbor Pogie Club
Olympic Tree Hound Council
*Inland NW Wildlife Council
*WA State Archery Association
*WA State Bowhunters
*Washingtonians for Wildlife Conservation
Borderline Bassin Contenders
Capital City Rifle and Pistol
Cascade Mountain Men
Cedar River Bowmen
Edison Sportsmen Club
Kitsap Bowhunters

Kittitas County Field & Stream
 NWTF South Sound Long Beards
Okanogan Hound Club
Paul Bunyon Rifle & Sportsman Club
Pheasants Forever Puget Sound Chapter
Pierce County Sportsmanís Council
Tacoma Sportsmenís Club
Traditional Bowhunters of Washington
Vashon Sportsmenís Club
Washington Game Fowl Breeders Association
Washington State Big Game Council
Washington State Cattlemen
Washington State Falconers
Washington State Hound Council
Washington State Muzzleloaders
Washington State Trappers Assn
Washington Waterfowl Assn
Washington Arms Collectors
Wenatchee Sportsmenís Club


     Citizens for Responsible Wildlife Management was formed to lead the fight against I-713, the trap ban initiative. Ed Owens who is also the political consultant to the HHC and related groups chairs CRWM. The WWC works with Ed on a daily basis as we wind our way down the complicated road of political action and legal activities. CRWM is home to the legal defense fund and state "war chest" to protect our fish and wildlife resources and outdoor heritage from the political agenda of the animal rights movement.

     This "Three Legged Milk Stool" concept with the HHC as the political leg, CRWM the legal leg, and the WWC and its members as part of the grassroots leg that supports the effort gives every group and individual in the state a place to rally and work in support and in defense of our outdoor future as a cohesive force.

     Parts of this story were stolen fair and square from Jeff Christensen, WWC president and Ed Owen, the HHCs lobbyist.

Dedicated to Wildlife Conservation, Education, Humanitarian Efforts and Protecting our Hunting Heritage