Updated 11/03/2011

Montana Elk Hunt

We left for Montana to look for Elk on Wednesday 10/19, arrived at the very SW corner of Montana near Lima on Thursday 10/20, and set up a big wall tent camp near the Idaho border.

We back-packed in on Friday, the day before the opening , to near the continental divide and set up individual sleeping areas and had a wolf visit us in the night, about 30 feet from my little tent, howling for his buddies to tell them “here is dinner; all ready gift wrapped” but my lack of bathing must have deterred them……….

Had seen a 6 pt with bino’s on a nearby ridge just before dark that night but he wasn’t around in the AM after the wolf howling. (He probably saw us hiking in )

On opening day dawn, a stupid 3 pt raghorn ( At first thought it was a cow) walked down an open ridge line for about a ½ mile, right by me, and another walk in hunter below me whacked it, and I got to watch it tumble and fall off a cliff into the ravine below.

The guy I was hunting with was upset that I didn’t shoot it for him, but I had my goal set on 6 pt or nothing, and at that point it was still opening morning. (He saw it too and could have made a stalk on it. I assumed he didn’t want it either.)

A lot of hunters---not many elk--- last year a lot of Elk were in this basin, but they must have heard I was coming and left.

So we packed up and moved 80 miles to a different area, where we saw a herd of about 40 on a ridge top, but could not get to them in PM—and they were gone in AM.

Enjoyed the trip, hunted hard, climbed a lot of tall hills, saw a lot of great country, had a 3 ft tall great Northern owl stare me down at 10 ft, saw a few deer, didn’t drink enough whiskey, and bought a lot of gasoline.


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