Updated 6/15/2011
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Mark's Elephant

Mark's Leopard

Mark's Croc

  Mark & Darcy Dinwiddie's Zimbabwe Trip

Zimbabwe 2010 & 2011

Mark & Darcy Dinwiddie


     Darcy and I flew to Bulawayo in the spring of 2010. We traveled North from Bulawayo and spent 10 days on the South shore of Lake Kariba near the town of Binga.

   We were looking for big Crocs and Hippo.   The first half of the hunt wasnít  such  a  pleasant memory however  the second half was.  We spent the last last half with a very good,  PH, Lorry Van Aswegen.   As we all know a good Ph or Guide can make or break a hunt.   We ended up with a good Hippo and a 14 foot Croc.

  We were so pleased with Lorry that when he said he was starting his own Safari company we decided to book for Elephant  for  2011 .    This would be my second attempt for an Elephant. 

     The first trip was to Botswana in 2008, land of the over populated Elephant.   I hunted for 14 days and saw a total of 21 Elephants , none of which were over  40 pounds!  This trip proved to be very different.    We were seeing lots of Elephants. On the 3rd day we came across this bruiser that even I didnít need to ask if he was big enough!  The tusks ended up weighing  66 & 64 lbs.  

     In the following days we hung bait in hopes of locating a Leopard and  on the 3rd day one of the baits was hit and we were fortunate enough to take this respectable Leopard with only 2 hours  in the blind.  

     Lorry named his company A&L Safaris.   He has permits for 12 PAC elephants for 2011 and is charging around $8500 including permits and his daily rate. These elephants are non-exportable but is a good way to go if you need that elephant.  Duplicate tusks can always be made.
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