Wounded Warrior Elk Hunt

September 15, 2009

        I.            Mission

            Take two Iraq or Afghanistan/decorated/disabled/Veterans/ "Warriors" on a bull elk hunt with Elk Safaris west at the Squirrel Creek hunting camp which is located in some of the most scenic country in the Rocky Mountains, located only 15 miles from Yellowstone National park and Grand Teton National Park makes this hunt even more exciting as the opportunities for an action packed adventure are endless. The hunt will consist of a 4 day 3 night stay and hunt at the beautiful Squirrel Creek Ranch, with all meals, accommodations, and guide included. There will also be the possibility for the Warriors to hunt pheasant and chukar, fish for trout, visit Jackson Hole Wyoming, the Grand Tetons, and much more as time allows. The Adventure will also be filmed by Outdoorsman and High on Life Outdoor Adventures and then will be showed on the Outdoorsman television show which airs on AMG and Untamed Sports Network.


     II.            Purpose of the Mission

A.     To try and repay some of the debt to our armed forces heroes and show our gratitude for their service and sacrifice to our country and each of us. "Giving back to those that have given so much"

B.     To promote community service and good will by the Northwest Chapter of Safari Club International

C.     To professionally film and edit the adventure to share with and help educate as many people as possible through the media, and to help promote the North West chapter of SCI, as well as provided a international presentation to Safari Club International.

D.     To promote the goals of SCI "First For Hunters".

E.      To work with the many volunteers, caring people, and professionals to promote SCI to the best of our ability.

1.      Elk Safaris West -- donating an all inclusive hunt.

2.      Camp patriot -- organizing, coordination and assisting the wounded warriors in getting to the hunt destination, as well as a safe return.

3.      The Outdoorsman and High on Life Outdoor Adventures -- filming, editing, and airing this worthy adventure.

4.      Jacob Myers for videoing and helping in this adventure as his senior project, giving him an introduction to hunting, SCI, and the great things SCI does and stands for, as well as giving Jacob the chance to learn, give, and grow.

   III.            Sponsorship

A.     SCI Northwest Chapter: proposed donation of $500 per hunter to help upgrade the donated cow elk hunt to a bull elk hunt.

B.     Elk Safaris West: donate the four day three night hunt including meals, accommodations, guide, animals, and animal preparation after the harvest.                                                  Roy & Danielle Klingler 208-313-3634

C.     Camp Patriot: sponsorship of the two wounded warriors for the hunt, coordinating with Doug Rasmussen and Jake Myers of the SCI Northwest Chapter.

D.     High on Life Outdoor Adventures: filming and editing the adventure into a completed DVD.

E.      Outdoorsman: filming, editing, and airing the adventure on AMG and Untamed Sports Network which reach over 55 million households.

F.      Jake Myers: providing coordination of the entire adventure including transportation to the lodge, and all necessary hunting equipment including rifles.

G.     Jacob Myers (Jake's son); helping film and edit the adventure for presentation to the SCI Northwest Chapters 2010 dinner and auction event in February 2010, and for Jacob's senior class project.