Updated 12/11/2012
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  Gary Tennison, Marc Plourde
and Bob Valcov
2012 SCI Guides & Outfitters Workshop

Gary Tennison, George Vacher
and Bob Valcov
2012 SCI Guides & Outfitters Workshop

Bob Valcov, Nathalie Camde
and Gary Tennison
2012 SCI Guides & Outfitters Workshop


2012 SCI Guides & Outfitters Workshop


Gary Tennison Committee Chairman

     This year SCI held its 12th annual Guides and Outfitters Workshop in beautiful Quebec City, Quebec. Nine Canadian and five U. S. associations were in attendance this year.

     The SCI G&O Committee is a subcommittee of the convention committee. One of the primary duties of this committee is to liaise between SCI and the Guides and Outfitters associations.

     John Boretsky, SCI’s Guides and Outfitters Liaison and the Tucson Convention staff arrange and schedule meetings between approximately twenty professional G&O associations across the U.S., Canada and Africa and the committee members.

      The purpose of these workshops is to give our affiliated associations from the professional hunting industry the opportunity to get together, share ideas, issues, and solutions. That networking helps to build relationships that will better serve the professional hunting industry as well as the hunters who hunt with the professional Guide and Outfitter.

      SCI would like to thank the Quebec Outfitters Federation, and especially Dominic Dugré for their effort in making this meeting possible.

      Honored guests at the Tuesday night dinner and cocktail reception included Nathalie Camden, Associate Deputy Minister of Wildlife in the Ministry of Natural Resources and Wildlife of the Government of Quebec. Marc Plourde, President & Director General of the Quebec Outfitters Federation. Georges Vacher, Associate Deputy Minister for Marketing, Quebec Ministry of Tourism, André Martin, President & Director General of the Quebec Wildlife Foundation, and Bob Valcov, Director of SCI Canada operations.

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