Updated 12/12/2012
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Gary with Whitetail Deer

Gary with Whitetail Deer

Gary with Whitetail Deer

Gary with Whitetail Deer

Gary with Whitetail Deer

Video of Elk & Deer

Gary Tennison

Whitetail Deer Hunt

Just another winning raffle ticket?

By Gary Tennison

     Most hunters are not aware that you can purchase a raffle ticket for any Washington game species in the state, in multiple combinations. Such as a raffle ticket good for three deer, one of each species. There are several combination tickets such as your choice for any three of six listed species including deer, elk, moose, bear, cougar or turkey. Another option is your choice of four species from a five species list. Another combination raffle ticket includes one elk, one deer, and one sheep. There are also single species tickets for all of the deer species, elk (East & West), moose, sheep, goat, etc.

     The price for these raffle tickets run from $22.50 for the four-species raffle, to 11.50 for the three-species raffle and $6 for the single species raffle. All of the raffle tags are for animals above and beyond any tag you can buy over the counter.

     Last year I purchased four each of the $6 tickets for Whitetail Deer, Mule Deer, Elk, and Moose. I bought a total of $96 worth of tickets, and I beat the odds by winning the Whitetail Deer raffle tag. These tags are good in any game unit that is open to general season hunting OR any special permit season unit.

     The season runs from September 1st until December 31st with NO closed season. Because there is no closed season for these tags, one of the requirements of the tag holder is to call the regional office of the game unit you will be hunting in and inform the enforcement officer that you are a tag holder and will be hunting in that unit. To quote the game Department letter “This will help avoid concerns about hunting during periods that would normally be outside the standard season dates”.

     I hunted the early part of September in the Spokane area and shot a nice Whitetail, not a great Whitetail but a nice one just the same. I know that I could have done much better if I had put more time and effort into that tag, but I had several other hunts on tap as well as other time constraints.

Next year I think I will just have to win the moose tag?

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