Updated 12/18/2011
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208# Boar

208# Boar

Big Alligator

Dennis Dunn - Florida Hunt

     My wife, Karen, came down with the flu the night we arrived in Florida on December 4th, and she proceeded to spend the rest of the 10-day vacation pretty much in bed. I felt especially sorry for her, because she had planned the trip so that she could shoot an alligator and a wild boar. The whole thing had been her idea from the start.
     I did manage, nonetheless, to get in one exciting day of hunting, myself, near Lake Okeechobee, and I lucked out in harvesting two trophy critters with my Steve Gorr recurve bow and a Suzanne St. Charles wooden arrow.

     On the morning of December 6th, I made a running, 30-yard shot on a 208-pound wild boar, and that same night hunting by boat with headlamps I managed to put a fish-arrow into a BIG alligator. The latter was an honest eleven-footer, and in the picture below his tail is touching the ground. The line was 400# dacron, and, after he towed our boat around the lake for the better part of an hour, we finally dragged him ashore by the tail, where I finished him off with a Howard Hill broadhead to the brain and a Zephyr-Sasquatch head to the spinal cord. The measured length of the prehistoric brute came in at eleven feet, one inch. The outfitter was Lee Lightsey of Outwest Farms (.com).

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