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Dennis Dunn

      I just got back tonight from BC, where I spent this past Tuesday thru Friday hunting Mountain Lions in minus-20-degree cold and 15 inches of fresh powder snow.  After three full days of driving snowy roads in the Caribou Region, a good 11 hours a day, we finally found a very large, fresh tom track just at dark on the third evening.  The next morning we found his track again, about two miles away from the one we'd found the night before.  At 10:30 am, we set the dogs loose on his tracks, but they were already many hours old; the four hounds finally worked out his trail and jumped him around 1:30 pm.  By 2:00 pm, they had him treed.  By 2:30, we finally reached the tree, only to have him bail out over the top of us.  The dogs treed him again after another  chase of about 200 yards, but this time he was 35 feet off the ground, high up in a big Doug fir.  I was using my Orangewood selfbow (longbow) and had only a small window to shoot through, right up near him no bigger than a football.  My first two arrows missed just under him by an inch or two.  The third drilled him through the brisket.  He ran straight down the tree-trunk in all of one second and took off straight downhill.  We kept the dogs chained up this time and gave the arrow time to do its job.  After a half-hour, we followed his tracks through the snow, but there was precious little blood-sign along the way.  I was just starting to worry that the shot might not prove fatal,  when suddenly twenty yards ahead we saw him lying dead under a tree.  His total travel distance was less than 100 yards.

      He turned out to be a monster tom, with the guides estimating his weight at somewhere between 180 and 200 pounds.  He measured over eight-and-a-half feet long from nose to tail.  He certainly is a Pope & Young Cougar, but my guides think he might well be a Boone & Crockett lion, as well!

     Wouldn't that be incredible???  Two B & C animals in one year!  With a stickbow!   The only previous one I'd ever taken was my Grizzly Bear.   Anyway, so now my "magic number" is down to FIVE on the upgrade list.  Seven down, five to go.