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Dennis Dunn

Talk about lucky?  

  I just got back from an elk hunt in Arizona.


  After a dry spell of three years now, I finally took another trophy animal with my recurve bow and a wood arrow.  And what an animal it was! 

  I had been applying for an Arizona non-resident archery elk tag for 16 years, before finally getting drawn.   The Good Lord blessed me mightily, and I managed to arrow on the seventh morning of the season a public-lands bull that will easily make Boone and Crockett, with plenty of room to spare.


  I was hunting with my Steve Gorr Whitetail Hawk recurve, a Suzanne St. Charles arrow, and my latest favorite broadhead - the Tuffhead (225-grain, two-blade, single-bevel).  Total arrow weight was 720 grains.


  When the moment of truth arrived, it was a 32-yard shot with the bull walking - slightly quartering away. The SCI score comes in at 378 2/8.  The net B & C score (green) is 372 3/8, so the deductions were pretty minimal.  B & C minimum is 360. 

Right after my former World's Record Grizzly Bear, I consider this animal the second most exceptional one I have ever been privileged to harvest during my hunting lifetime.


  It appears that after the 60-day drying period it will rank in the top ten of all American Elk taken with traditional  archery equipment by a modern bowhunter.  (Who knows what the native Americans may have killed?)


  As you will see, the rack really has great beauty and character.  The "whale tails" are especially nice.


  Only the best,