Updated 04/07/2012

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Dennis with Stag
Dennis with Red Stag

Dear Friends,

     I just returned from the South Island of New Zealand, where I hunted three days for one particular stag, which I photographed from a half-mile away on the first morning, and then again from 120 yards on the first afternoon. (See first two photos below.) On the 3rd evening, I arrowed him in his bedroom from 13 yards with my recurve. He died in less than 30 seconds.

     Despite the fences visible in some of the photos, he was a totally wild, free-ranging animal which spent some of his time quite close to the high-fenced Estate enclosure, just downhill from where he expired.

    Only my Grizzly, Brown Bear, and the four wild sheep exceeded this harvest in personal excitement and satisfaction for me. It is probably the second most exceptional animal I have ever been privileged to take. If it is accepted into the SCI Records as a South Pacific free-ranging Red Deer, it should beat the existing archery #1 Record rack by around 35 inches. It would also rank 5th overall regardless of method of kill. The green score came in at 324 and 5/8ths. The outside spread exceeds 45 inches, but doesn't count in the score, of course.

    I was hunting with Glen Dene, Ltd., out of Lake Hawea, and my outstanding guide was Simon Smith.

ll the best to each of you in your 2012 pursuits,






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