Updated 12/17/2012

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Del Berg with Whitetail

Del Berg with Whitetail

Del Berg

Montana Whitetail Hunt Nov. 2012


      Doug Jayo and I grew up as next door neighbors in a small town in

eastern Oregon.  The mill took a special holiday and school was

closed the first Monday of deer season so everyone could have a three day



     We have been hunting and fishing together ever since.

We grew up hunting mule deer but in the last 5 years –

We have been going after whitetails.  There has been some

success , but this year was the best.


     At the SCI show in Los Vegas, we got connected with Rick

Albus of Milk River Outfitters.  He put us together with

Montana Hunt and Fish Company and Vinny Delgato.

They both emphasize elk hunting, but do take a few

whitetail hunters. 

     We had a great experience !   We both were able to get

the best whitetails ever for us.  Doug’s is 5x5 and mine

is 5x7.         

Del Berg

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