Updated 12/11/2011

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David's Gemsbuk
David’s 36 ½ inch gemsbok
David's Gemsbuk

Colleen’s Bushbuk with PH Val

David’s 43 inch Kudu with
daughter Colleen


David’s Nyala

David with 45 inch Kudu

Colleen’s 39 ¼ inch gemsbok
with PH Van

Colleen’s 54 inch Kudu
with PH Van

  David Iron's Africa Hunt

     I purchased two African Safari’s at the 2010 SCINW chapter dinner. I was very impressed that both guide services provided us with first rate services for both hunts. Both guides worked very hard to put us on quality animals, of the 23 animals the three of us took 18 look like they will make the SCI book. That was because both guide services talked to us about what we need to do and then the guides went the extra mile to make it happen.

     The first hunt a ten day safari with “Born to hunt Safaris” out of Port Elizabeth. They are a family run guide service and you stay in their home if hunting in that region. They are a first class outfitter and I would return for a second hunt with them in a hearts beat. I thought my 22 year old daughter who accompanied me was going to adopt the guide’s family she had such a good time. But I reminded her we had a second safari booked in a week and she packed her bags. http://bornhunt.co.za/

     Our second hunt was a 7 day hunt for three hunters, my 24 year old nephew flew over and joined us. This outfitter was a larger guide service with 6 to 8 PH’s working for them at all times “African Maximum Safaris”. The PH that was assigned to us was one of the best guides I have every worked with. With my daughter and nephew new to hunting the guide service went out of their way to work with them. All the staff along with the owner and his family were more then kind. I would recommend this outfitter any time to anyone, they were excellent. www.africamaximum.com

     In short my daughter, nephew, and I had the hunt of a life time with two top quality guide services, Thank You SCINW.

David W. Irons


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