Updated 01/03/2013
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Bob's Doe

Bob's Doe

Bob's Gar
Bob & Gar
NOTE: You need Camo to catch these elusive creatuers!

Bob & Deb
Bob & Deb

Bob n Deb Stallman’s Road trip

      Deb and I are into the last half of the second year of our road trip. We have been and seen a lot of the South. We spent the first year in Round Rock Texas near Austin: the bakery in Round Rock is famous for their Texas size donuts and are they good! We went down to visit the Alamo and the river walk at San Antonio: We also took a trip down to Corpus Christie on the Gulf of Mexico. We made a couple of trips to the Caribbean; one on a Caribbean cruise and another flying to our favorite island, Anguilla. We enjoyed living in Texas but there was one huge problem…absolutely NO BBQ’s allowed at the condos or apartments there and for those of you that know me…no BBQ is NOT a good thing.

      After a year in Texas, we moved up to Hot Springs, Arkansas on Lake Hamilton. We have been here about 6 months. We are on the water with a private dock and fishing year around. One of my ongoing fishing experiences is using drop lines off the dock to catch large Catfish, Bass and whatever else might bite a 6 inch live bait, using 250lb test line, with a boat fender, float, tied to the dock. At first the biggest problem was I would check the lines in the morning and the 250lb line would be “broken”. I finally figured out that an Alligator Gar was the culprit! I then went to 110lb steel leaders on the 250lb line and was able to get a few of those Gar;  50lbs was the biggest Gar, but I lost a few Gar in the 100lb bracket. By the way, this is all legal in Arkansas! Fifty dollars ($50) buys you a non-resident license for the year. I have caught many large catfish and bass also. The Crappie are getting ready to bite along with Striper Bass and my rods and reels are ready for that!

     I did get to do some hunting last month. Arkansas is very friendly to its non-residents; for $300 you get 6 deer tags, 2 turkey tags, a small game license and all the hogs you can harvest. Debbie’s aunt hooked me up with her cousin who has access to a couple of hunting concessions and I was able to harvest 2 does.  We are enjoying having some wild game meat in the freezer and sharing the deer with some family members that live in Texas and Arkansas. My next hunt is in a couple weeks and it is for Squirrel. I am really looking forwards to that as I have not done that since I was a teenager. The twist is that they use Squirrel dogs here. It’s going to be very interesting and again… it’s legal in Arkansas!

      We have made several trips back to Washington to visit family and friends especially our Grandsons! Our next trip to Washington will be towards the end of March. For our 29th wedding anniversary this year (which is on March 23) we have decided to spend it by taking our grandsons to Disneyland for a week during their Spring break.

      Some states we have visited so far while living here in the South are: Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi, Florida, Oklahoma, Tennessee and Branson Missouri;  GRACELAND,  Savannah Georgia and the Carolina Coast are on the list of places to still go see while we are down here. You must know that it is absolutely true what they say about Southern hospitality and the respect that you get from the young people down here is amazing.

      Not sure when we will be back HOME to Washington but it will more than likely be soon…those Grandsons are just growing up WAY too fast! Good thing we have FaceTime!!


Looking forwards to a Happy and Healthy 2013. See ya’ll when we return!


Bob and Deb Stallman

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