Updated 06/14/2014
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Alyssa Ford – Sheep hunting in Kona

June 2, 2013

My name is Alyssa Ford and I’m 11. During my Spring Break in April I went sheep hunting on the Big Island of Hawaii with my Dad and Hawaiian Safaris Outfitters. Kevin Nakamaru was my guide and excellent. We met Kevin early in the morning at the Wal-Mart in Kona. We loaded up the truck and started our drive up the mountain to the hunting area. We started seeing some sheep and knew it was going to be a good day. We stalked a couple of sheep but they wouldn’t stop moving so I couldn’t get a good shot. The terrain was very rugged and covered with trees and bushes. The sheep seemed to know to stay about 200 yards away in cover. We were driving to another hunting area we saw a really nice ram. I quickly set up on the ram as moved through the thick trees. He went up on a small hill and turned broadside which gave e the perfect shot. He as about 120 yards away. I slowly pulled the pulled the trigger and down he went. It was real fun day and an exciting day hunting the wild sheep of the Big Island.






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