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The NW Chapter of Safari Club International Sensory Safari Exhibit

 The NW Chapter has supplied, installed, and maintains a permanent, large, interactive exhibit of wildlife, etc,  at the Washington State school for the Blind located at 2214 E 13th St., in Vancouver, Wa. 98661.


The display contains a large number of animals that are situated so the sight impaired can “see” by touching and there is a multi plug in audio system by each animal that explains what the animal is, where it lives and information about it.  That information is also available in Braille for sight impaired and also for those with sight to visually read; on each of the audio station stands.


There are also other small animals, birds, reptiles and amphibians on display to “see” by touching.


This allows the sight impaired to finally be able to “see” animals through the sense of touch that previously they have only had verbally described to them and thereby expand their knowledge and understanding of a part of the world that has eluded them.  Can you envision the sight impaired child that is finally being able to understand what the size and shape of the “Lion King” is, and what his teeth and claws feel like.


A teacher who has led numerous sight impaired groups through the exhibit, used phrases like “life changing” for the experience of her students.  


The exhibit is also open to and utilized by other institutions for the blind, by public and private schools, scouting and other youth organizations, other groups/clubs, and the general public.


This exhibit grew from a group of members who started taking animal heads and hides etc down I-5 to the school once a year for the WSSB annual regional track meet.

It has grown to its present very impressive state at considerable expense and many 100’s of volunteer man hours and trips up and down I-5.


It is something our chapter should be proud of and every member should see for themselves.

The exhibit is available for viewing during business hours at the school and the school is only four minutes off I-5 at the Mill Plains exit.  Go to the main entrance.  Ph. 360 696 6321

Just seeing the awesome huge mural painted by a sight impaired student is worth the trip.


Please click on the links below to view great videos of this one of a kind exhibit.


Pre opening:     TV Station interviews and room film…   


After opening:  Filmed during a sight impaired group tour HTTP://

  Mike Price





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