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Photos by Mike Price

School for the Blind
  Track Meet
May 17, 2002

The attached pictures was taken on 9/17/12 at the NW Chapter Sensory Safari Room at the Washington State School for the Blind in Vancouver, WA. and shows a family of 3 enjoying the ability to touch and hear about the animal they are "seeing". (the child's head is barely visible past the goats head). The parents are both totally blind and the child is sight impaired.  They thoroughly examined every animal in the entire exhibit and continually

expressed amazement and joy of being able to touch animals they had previously only heard about.


     Please read the following story that was in the Oregonian newspaper about the activities that day that touts the NW Chapter of Safari Club

International, donation of the Sensory Safari Room.


     The room had about 60 visitors that day was staffed by NW Chapter members

Del Berg and Michael Price.


Story by Mike Price


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