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  The Morin Event
       Although the morning started out cloudy and gloomy, by the
time the event began it was sunny and dry. The sporting clays field was busy
most of the day and everyone pitched in to help run the throwers. Past
presidents Mike Price and Alain Smith engaged in some friendly completion,
seeing which one could break the clays first or at least be the one to break it
after the first guy missed and before he could get off a second shot. As they
say, timing is everything
       The dog races offered a pleasant diversion and captured the
interest of everyone at the event. Whether or not you were a dog person these
little guys were a joy to watch.
       Mike Scriver and Bob Stallman were the chefs. The pig roast
was a day-long process as Mike and Bob maintained a constant vigil over their
charge. Thanks guys for volunteering you time. A great meal was followed by
enjoyable conversation and then the all important raffle and a silent auction.
       We all want to thanks Don and Ida for their generosity and
allowing the Chapter to use their property to hold this event. Everyone had a
great time and several new members joined the Chapter. Eric Rebitzer is our
newest Chapter life member. Congratulations, Eric.
       The day ended with everybody pitching in to clean-up and
put away the tables and chairs. Thanks to everyone for donating your time and
lending a helping hand to make this yet another splendid get-together.


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